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Aug. 23, 2014

Meet Butterflies Near Your Scottsdale Home

Visit Butterfly Wonderland near your Scottsdale home.Those living in a Scottsdale home will be pleased to learn about one of the area’s newest attractions, Butterfly Wonderland.  This indoor rainforest setting is home to the nation’s largest butterfly pavilion.  10,000 square feet full of butterflies from all over the world await you.  Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells.  Keep still and maybe a butterfly visitor will land on your shoulder or finger.  In addition to the habitat, Scottsdale home owners can enjoy a 3D theater that will entrance you with the story of the life of the butterfly.  Also, see firsthand the lifecycle of the butterfly by checking out the Butterfly Emergence Gallery.  


In addition to the amazing butterflies, be sure to visit a live ant colony.  Follow harvester ants as they fulfill their duties living in a large community.  Another group of hard workers that you can check out at Butterfly Wonderland are honey bees.  Don’t worry--they’re behind glass, of course.  These fascinating creatures are one of the most important pollinators of our agricultural products.  A final exhibit at Butterfly Wonderland is of aquatic life of the Amazon.  Take in the sights of fish, eels, and even have the chance to touch a stingray.  Come for a day or consider an annual pass.  There is much to see for Scottsdale home owners and this is truly a great asset to this community.  Plan a visit at  

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Aug. 22, 2014

Learn About Your Gilbert Home at the Historical Museum

Visit the Gilbert Historical Museum to learn more about your Gilbert home.Learn more about your town and discover more reasons to be thankful to call Gilbert home.  Visit the Gilbert Historical Museum to understand more about this area and experience a historic landmark.  Housed in the old Gilbert Elementary School built in 1913, guests can be transported back in time to think of what it would have been like to roam the halls while attending school 100 years ago.  There are many interesting exhibits including artifacts that have been collected to tell the story of this wonderful place.  Enjoy a few hours away from your Gilbert home for an affordable, educational family outing.


Open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm, tickets are only $5.00 for adults, $4.00 for seniors, $3.00 for children ages 5-12.  Children under 5 are free.  Also inquire about membership and group rates.  Supporting the museum means that the exhibits will be around for generations to come.  Also consider this facility for a meeting space.  Ask to see the meeting room that can be rented for an affordable price.  Round out your visit with a stop in the gift shop, who knows--maybe you will even find something new for your Gilbert home.  Click here and visit the Gilbert Historical Museum’s website.  

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Aug. 21, 2014

The Wild West is Near Your Chandler Home

Visit Rawhide near your Chandler home.Experience the Wild West just a short distance away from your Chandler home.  Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse is a destination to be remembered.  Folks drive from far and wide to visit this attraction.  All of your out of town visitors and your own family will enjoy having access to Rawhide right in your own backyard.  Food and fun are the headliners with live action stunt shows including gunfire, explosions, and unforgettable cowboy characters.  There are also many interactive experiences for the whole family including a zip line that takes guests high above the streets of the Old West and a petting zoo that includes pot belly pigs, sheep, goats, and miniature donkeys.


Enjoy a day away from your Chandler home and experience all Rawhide has to offer.  Take advantage of a stagecoach ride that winds its way through trails in the Sonoran Desert.  Try your hand at panning for gold or enjoy the challenge of climbing the rock wall.  Daring Chandler home owners can even take a turn on the Widowmaker- Mechanical Bull.  Hang on tight for a day that family and friends will not soon forget.  Also keep Rawhide Western Town in mind for special events.  It is a great facility to rent for a shindig.  Visit to see everything on offer.  

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